Theme menus

Afterski menu

685 NOK

  • Starters
    • Option 1

      Norwegian cured ham with lingonberry sour cream, flatbread, and whipped salted butter.
      Allergens: Gluten, lactose

    • Option 2

      Nachos with chili salsa and garlic dip
      Allergen: Celery

  • Main course
    • Option 1

      Juicy hamburger with smoked cheddar, bacon, crispy lettuce, chipotle mayo, and garlic potatoes.

    • Option 2

      BBQ-marinated ribs with coleslaw, charred and baked onions, corn, and chili-roasted potatoes.

  • Dessert
    • Option 1

      Sachertorte with apricot

    • Option 2

      Chocolate mousse with whipped cream, KitKat crunch, and orange.

Oktoberfest buffet

775 NOK

  • Buffet
    • Smoked and salted pork knuckle
    • Rustic farmhouse sausages, bratwurst, and krainer sausages with baked root vegetables
    • Beer-braised pork cheek with mashed potatoes and fried cabbage
    • German potato salad with capers
    • Coleslaw with mayonnaise
    • Assorted pickles, sausage rolls, and spicy mustard
  • Dessert
    • Baked cherries and apples with crumble and cream cheese

Spanish buffet

785 NOK

  • Buffet
    • Albondigas with grilled bell pepper cream and mint
    • Chorizo with roasted almonds
    • Salt cod with soybeans and squid with fresh olive & tomato salad, lemon, and aioli
    • Gazpacho soup with chili and paprika
    • Potato salad with chili, parsley, and smoked paprika
    • Grilled eggplant and squash with garlic, spinach, and tapenade
    • Paella with seafood, lemon, and mint
    • Grilled pork cheek with smoked paprika, cauliflower cream infused with truffle, and toasted pine nuts
    • Manchego cheese, olives, and serrano ham
  • Dessert
    • Creme Catalan

Hawaiian buffet

805 NOK

  • Buffet
    • Chicken in brioche with fruity salsa

      Allergens: Gluten

    • Grilled chicken skewers with mango glaze and toasted coconut
    • Wild shrimp with lemongrass, pineapple, and curry mayo

      Allergens: shellfish, egg

    • Salmon poke with soy, roasted cashews, avocado cream, and mango

      Allergens: fish, soy, and cashews

    • Rice bowl with lime, sriracha, mango, and spring onion

      (vegetarian in wok pan)

    • BBQ & rum-marinated ribs with grilled corn

      Allergens: mustard, soy, and celery

    • Sweet potato salad with grilled bell pepper
    • Mango salad with lime and chili
    • Salad with coconut rice, peanuts, pomegranate, and mint

      Allergens: peanuts

  • Dessert
    • Coconut panna cotta with mango mousse and baked pineapple

      Allergens: lactose and egg

Street food buffet

845 NOK

  • Buffet
    • Mini brioche with pulled chicken, sriracha mayo, and tangy red onions
    • Grilled quesadillas with cheddar and smoked paprika
    • Dirty rice with chicken and chipotle mayo
    • Salmon sashimi with cucumber, mango, wasabi mayo, and dried kale
    • Spicy albondigas with grilled bell pepper cream and spring onions
    • Blinis with sour cream, smoked trout roe, and watercress
    • Rustic Czech sausage with curry ketchup
    • Waffle with smoked salmon cream and crispy salad
    • Brazilian chicken skewers with yogurt bean dip
    • Argentinian wild shrimp with ginger, chili, coriander, and miso
  • Dessert
    • Cherries with cardamom and rum on a dark chocolate mousse