Break Menu

Minimum 10 people

Kick start

173 NOK

  • Assorted Sliced Fruits
  • Nuts & Dried Fruits

    (allergens: gluten, lactose)

  • Vegetable Shot

    (allergen: celery)

  • Yogurt with Granola

    (allergens: gluten, egg, lactose)

Get together

173 NOK

  • Fruit Bites with Yogurt

    Allergen: lactose

  • Freshly Baked Rolls

    With salad and daily toppings (allergens: nuts, sulfites)

  • Freshly Baked Danish Pastry

    With apple filling (allergens: gluten, lactose, egg, nuts)

After Work

173 NOK

  • Chicken Wrap

    With salad and flavored mayonnaise (allergens: gluten, egg)

  • Smoothie
  • Blueberry Cheesecake

    (allergens: gluten, lactose)

Boost the mood

173 NOK

  • Daily Baguette

    With mustard mayonnaise, salami, tomato, and lettuce (allergens: gluten, lactose, egg)

  • Tortilla Chips with Dip
  • Panna Cotta

    With strawberries (allergens: milk, egg)

Something extra

  • 79 NOK
    Vegetarian Wrap

    With marinated vegetables and couscous
    Allergen: Gluten

  • 79 NOK
    Chicken Wrap

    With salad and flavored mayonnaise
    Allergen: Gluten, egg

  • 79 NOK

    With pesto, mozzarella and tomato
    Allergen: gluten, lactose, nuts

  • 77 NOK
    Cheese flutes

    With mustard mayonnaise, tomato, salami
    Allergen: Gluten, lactose, egg

  • 77 NOK

    With spinach & feta cheese
    Allergen: Lactose, gluten

  • 47 NOK
    Nuts 6 dried fruits

    Allergen: Nuts, sulfites

  • 56 NOK
    Croissant with jam

    Allergen: Gluten, lactose

  • 56 NOK

    With granola, fruits and berries
    Allergen: Lactose

  • 70 NOK
    Fresh fruit
  • 59 NOK
    Daily cake
  • 60 NOK
    Cinnamon bun

    Allergen: Gluten, egg, lactose

  • 54 NOK
    Freshly baked rolls

    With salad and daily toppings
    Allergen: Lactose

  • 55 NOK
    Berry smoothie
  • 110 NOK
    Coffee pot (8 cups)
  • 61 NOK
    Mineral water
  • 52 NOK
    Hot dog

    In bread with ketchup and mustard